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good morning, sexual allegations mounting against eddie long. he prepares to address the scandal from the pulpit tomorrow morning. the planned islamic center and mosque near ground zero, a source of contention even among the people who are behind it. we're going to tell you what's fueling the in-fighting now. and paying tribute to the african medal award honor with words and with deeds. -- captions by vitac -- first we'll look at the top stories. keeping the case of the militant cleric out of the courts.
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on war a >> he captured or killed. he's suing them. the government wants the lawsuit dismissed saying it requires the u.s. to disclose highly classified information. the fbi searching homes and offices in minneapolis and chicago, all part of what it calls the materiel support of terrorism. one activist says he and others were served s e ed subpoenas toy before the grand jury. no one arrested. two astronauts and one cosmonaut back on earth. the soyuz spacecraft landed in kazakhstan this morning. the return delayed a day after an unducking glitch. a christian outreach concert scheduled for soldiers and families in ft. bragg, north
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carolina, crosses the line. general david petraeus says he worries that the muslim overzellous on the christians' faith. he's talking about people who insult islam for calling it an evil and wicked religion. so what's the controversy? just this. the event at ft. bragg is being held by evangelist billy graham and his son franklin, and it's franklin graham has said it's evil and wicked. will it be a problem for our commander overseas? a special report by pentagon correspondent chris lawrence. >> reporter: the christian concert is called "rock the fort," and it's living up to its name. the billy graham evangelistic association is bringing christian rock bands to worship
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at ft. bragg, and some say crossing the line. >> it's to evangelize those soldiers who are all lost. >> reporter: ft. bragg advertised the concert on its website. more than 100 soldiers there have complaineded to his group military religious freedom, sending e-mails like please help us, mrff, this is wrong. >> i'm going to give you a chance to milwaukee your decision. it's your choice. >> reporter: "rock the fort" has been to several other bases including recruit training. >> we pray that not only will they become soldiers but join god's army. >> reporter: that's a dangerous message to bring right into basic training. >> we're not to be using u.s. army to develop and engender new soldiers for christ. >> their goal again was not to
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proselytize anyone from either their particular faith they're a part of, and their goal is not to coerce anyone. >> reporter: he says the event on his base is open to the public. though one has to come, except the thousands of soldiers and their families who are excited do so. >> really it's up to the individual, and people like any message or any faith can choose to accept or reject. we're offering an invitation, but that invitation is only voluntary and of the free choice of that particular individual. >> reporter: he wrote on ft. bragg letterhead promoting the event and billy graham's website states right up front the rock the fort outreach designed to bring new believers into your church. the secretary of the army received a letter. they argue pros le advertising is prohibiting and the army is
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breaking the law by endorsing the religion. the chaplain says it's mainly a host for anyone who wants to come. the chaplain also told me that sharing the faith is part of the christian tradition, and he's not only obligated but happy to provide the same kind of support to other faiths on base if they wanted to put on a similar event. critics say when it comes to religion, all the army is supposed to do is officiate religious events and provide a place for soldiers to worship. and these concerts go way beyond that. chris lawrence, cnn, the pentagon. now to a story developing this weekend, a sex scandal involving prominent pastor eddie long. it's getting larger. a fourth man filed a suit claims long coerced him into a sexual relationship, lavished expensive gifts on him using the church's
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money. good to see you, again, by the way, drew. all eyes are going to be focused on the bishop here in atlanta tomorrow morning because at 8:00 and 11:00, it's going to be the first time that eddie long is going to speak out to his congregation, a huge congregation, 25,000 people or more. talking about the allegations that have now been brought against him. and in anticipation of that event, a lot of rumors have been flying. and so there has been a little bit of damage control that's been done. art franklin who's with the church and who has been the spokesperson for bishop eddie long issued a statement yesterday saying the rumor that bishop long is stepping down on sunday is absolutely false. bishop eddie long and -- or rather is and will continue to be the senior pastor of the new birth missionary baptist church. that rumor started spreading on the internet yesterday. a lawsuit was brought by a
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22-year-old. he was from north carolina. he attended a satellite convention. he said he met the pastor in 2005, he was invited by the pastor to go on overseas trips with him. it was then that a year-long sexual relationship began. he said he was lavished with money, travel, got to meade celebrities and political leaders, and all of this was sort of inducing him to go along with the sexual relationship, of course, with this religious leader snow and we said it is expanding for two reasons. one, there's another lawsuit. but this lawsuit goes beyond eddie long. it involves other church members, other church administration. >> right. as these lawsuits have come out in number -- now four -- we've also learned great dear tail of the allegations that have been made, and more names from the new birth organization are being brought in here. and clearly what is being done here is that b.j. bernstein who is the attorney that represents the plaintiffs in this case is
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insinuating that, all right, bishop long is the man who is believed to have had the sexual relationship here, the other members of the church leadership help to facilitate it. in other words, they help to provide the transportation, they provided the housing. above all, they provided the money that allowed for all of this to happen. thereby, that's why they're named in this suits. >> bishop long gets to say in his way tomorrow. what are we to expect will happen? >> well, you know, that's the real question here. there are some scenarios, people say, that if it's true, he could possibly come out and make the admission. it's expected, as his attorneys have done all along, to defy auntly say none of this is true, that we must pray for all the parties involved here. but we won't know until tomorrow morning youfrm can expect a huge showing for the media will be there as well. >> all right.
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martin savidge with the very latest on the lawsuits and expanding crisis for eddie long and his ministry. thanks so much. well, a decorated world war ii vet is buried with some of the greatest heroes and his family in idaho gets an outpouring of support. what's going on at home. can't o the times you tried quitting... ♪ ...then started again. but every smoker was a non-smoker once. and you could be again. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and make this time, your time. (announcer) everything you need to stay balanced on long trips. residence inn.
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reynolds wolf joins us with the national forecast for this saturday. hoping to get out and watch football, play football. >> or maybe even work. if you happen to be in the nation's capital and you have to, let's say, get up on top of the capitol and clean it, you want great weather. can you see them? it's kind of hard for me to see. for our viewers across america, you see a team of people up there with their repelling equipment trying to repel some of the dirt off the capital. infer your own jokes, if you will. what we're seeing in d.c., conditions are pretty good. when you get back into the southeast, we're seeing a lot of greens, some yellows, and blues popping up on radar. that indicates very heavy
11:13 am
precipitation in some places. certainly not the magnitude we've seen in wisconsin over the past few days but still heavy stuff. this is all on the move. in the corn belt you see the scattered showers. what we're going to see with all this rainfall, much is going to be heading to the east and southeast. it's going to bring something with it. not only much needed rainfall in places like alabama and georgia, but right behind it cooler and dry air. if you happen to be in nashville or birmingham, alabama, a very nice day for you. certainly cooler than what we've had in the past couple of weeks. in places like atlanta, you may have a few scattered clouding building and perhaps some overnight showers. but that's later on today. plenty of sunshine in the valley of the sun in phoenix with 10 # 5. for the l.a. basin. warm day. back over to san francisco, 81. 76 by the space needle in seattle and 59 in minneapolis. should be a beautiful day there,
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certainly compared to the heavy rain you've had over the last couple of days. 90 in washington, d.c. as we wrap things up, here's what we've got. we've got lisa. there she is. hurricane driving to the north. she should die over the next couple of days. no threat to the land. unfortunately matthew is a threat to land. in fact, as it stalls out over the yucatan peninsula, it may be a heavy rainmaker bringing flooding conditions to mexico, guatemala and perhaps even belize before all is said and done. that's a quick shot of your forecast. drew, i'll send it back do you. a highly decorated war hero has been buried at arlington national cemetery. when word got out his family couldn't afford to go to the burial, their idaho family rallied around and raised money to send them to the special ceremony in washington, d.c. now extra donations are transformed their home. our affiliate kxly has the
11:15 am
report. >> reporter: this week heidi's yard looks more like a construction zone. crews are hard at work. >> she was really excited. she was hoping she could be here to watch it. >> up until a few weeks ago heidi shared this home with vernon baker. baker led a platoon and successfully crippled a germany stronghold. it would mean a 52-year-wait before being awarded the medal of honor. after his death word got out she couldn't afford to fly to washington for the burial. they raised money to send her to the funeral. extra money is being used to work on her house. >> it was really to fall in. nails were pulled. so it had quite a few leaks. >> reporter: his construction is working on a new roof, sky light, two decks and a wood
11:16 am
shedd to store two cords of donated wood. old friends and new ones want her to return to a transformed home just in time for winter. they hope to have much of the project complete this sunday when heidi comes back from washington, d.c. >> good story. freed hiker sarah shourd has a private conversation with iran's president. she also talks to cnn recounting her months of confinement. it's the fusion proglide challenge.
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across the country today,
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the president collecting drugs, prescription medications. people are turning out to turn them in. josh is back to tell us all about it. what is this all about? >> more than 3,000 sites are doing this today. it's really important and really helpful. a lot of you probably do have expired medications inside your home and the typical way they get rid of them can cause real problems. putting them in the trash can make them available to people to grab them. and people who try flushing them, it can end up in the water supply. we reported on this before. so the drug enforcement agency which is part of the department of justice is organizing the big event today. here's what one of the officials told us. >> one word. we're trying to take away a source of abuse, because that's where a lot of teens are getting it, from the home medicine cabinet. we want to take that source away. number two, we want to raise the awareness as well. >> so this is going on today between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. in sites all over the country. and i was just learning a little
11:21 am
bit more how prevalent this problem is. officials are saying even with all the war on drugs and all the efforts, they've been seeing abuse especially among teens and young adults of youths increase at an alarming rate. dea says one out of ten high school seniors today is abusing prescription painkillers. awe big problem. this is why there are events going on everywhere. i want to help you find a location near you. we have a story on that talks you through this. this is the web page for the event itself. national takeback day. what this web page does is gets you over to a section where you can search based on where you live. you type in your zip code or city and state where you live. i randomly typed in eugene, oregon, and we got an example here. it tells you where you can go and it will give you a map to get straight there. hopefully this will help you as well. we've got a lot more details
11:22 am
other here on and the story that's covering this problem in general and talk about what it is that's happening in this country with prescription drugs. i'll put them up on my facebook and twitter pages. hopefully if you have any of these medications that you want to get rid of, you'll find these locations before 2:00 today and you will take advantage of that opportunity. by the way, if you do miss this, then the story will also talk you through what you can do with these drugs. and, drew, i'll tell you. it's advice i had never heard about, chopping them up and mixing them with something very undesirable and putting it with kitty litter and putting that in the trash. you're better off if you make it to one of these locations. >> top stories now. the fbi isn't saying what it was looked for when agents searched homes and an office in minneapolis. but they say the raids were part of a terror investigation. political and antiwar
11:23 am
activists say they were targets, and they called the raids harassment. no arrests were made but they were served subpoenas to appear before a grand jury. police are looking for a gunman who wounded five people at an off-campus party. no word yet on whether the victims or the suspects are students. there's been a break for lindsay lohan. the actress is out of jail on a $300,000 bond after one judge reversed another's ruling. the first judge ordered lohan to remain in jail until a hearing late next month, i guess. she was in court for a parole violation hearing after testing positive for controlled substance abuse. freed hiker sarah shourd is also savering freedom today but she wants her friends released soon. with that in mind, shourd was given a chance yesterday to speak with iran's president. >> i just wanted to thank
11:24 am
president ahmadinejad for this gesture of allowing my mother and i to meet with him and for the mothers of shane and josh to meet with his on i have. >> reporter: here we are in central park. you are a free woman. does this feel surreal to you? >> yeah, that's a good word. i mean i still feel numb. it feels like a big disappointment. of course, freedom is everything i dreamed it would be, but it's -- the most important part of it is taken out of it not to have my fiancee and my friend josh here with me. >> reporter: her fiancee and friend remain in iran's prison, accused by iran of spying. sarah had been living with shane in syria when josh came to visit them. their lives changed on july 31st, 2009, when they went
11:25 am
hiking in iraq. sarah says they didn't know they were close to the border. >> no. if we had any idea, we would have stayed far, far away. we would not have risked our safety. we weren't there to take any risks whatsoever. we were there to look at the green mountains. i had a couple friends of mine from damascus who has made this trip and had absolutely no problem. people go there from all over the world. >> you were hiking for a few hours. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: what happened. >> we were hiking on a small trail, and there was no indication of a border. there wasn't a sign. there wasn't a flag or a fence. and all of a sudden we saw some soldiers, and we, of course, assumed they were iraqi soldiers, and when we found out they were iranian soldiers, we were baffled, misystified, and confused, and they took us, you know. >> reporter: taken to iran's notorious prison where sarah was put into solitaire confinement. she said she was blindfolded
11:26 am
teen go to the bathroom? >> in the beginning i would scream and cry a lot. sometimes i'd bang on the walls, but eventually you realize that that resistance is futile, no one listens, no one cares. i mean shane and josh were the thing that kept me going. >> reporter: eventually sarah, shane, and josh were allowed to spend up to an hour together each day. the two men share a cell. how small is the space? >> about ten feet by five feet. it's the same space that i had but there's two of them. the space they exercise on, it's about the size of a towel. >> reporter: it's those images that keeps sarah fighting to gain the release of shane and josh, a mission she shares with their families, including josh's brother. he now considers sarah a sister. >> it's bittersweet. it's great to hold sarah's hand and feel a little more connected to josh, but i really want to
11:27 am
give josh a hug and get out on the basketball court with them. all three families. it's gone on for way, way, way too long. a planned islamic center and mosque near ground zero, conflict, even the people who are spearheading the project. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. ♪ tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications, and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. [ man ] don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache, or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours.
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the controversy surrounding the planned islamic center near ground zero isn't just about location. there's a debate how the developer is raising funds and who is going to be there. >> reporter: veterans of real estate development in new york say there is so much conflict surrounding the planned islamic community center near ground zero that he has his work cut
11:31 am
out for him. >> extraordinarily amateurish. extraordinary. they had no idea what they were doing. >> reporter: he's a co-founder of a women's organization. she said her group was approached by developer asking him to use the nonprofit status of her organization to raise funds for his project called "park 51," which was still seeking its own status. >> one of the project developers wanted to use the 3301 status to raise funds for this islamic center. i thought that was just maybe a little bit inappropriate. >> nomani says it raised just a few thousand. today the website is inactive. a spokesperson for park 51 says the nonprofit fund-raising effort has been loss.
11:32 am
already the developer is at odds with one of his major investors. he tells cnn he has a controlling interest in the project and might sell off his portion for a profit. he would not speak on camera, but his attorney did. >> oh, he does have the majority control, and according to the agreements, he is the person who is going to decide how -- who's going to make the decisions with respect to this property. >> reporter: he says that's dead wrong claiming he's wrong. meanwhile the religious visionary of the project are presenting different concepts to the public. imam faisal refers to the project as cordoba house after his nonprofit group, the cordoba institute. but they call it park 51 says cordoba house is the mosque within the larger center. and while the developer has described a community center open to all but a prayer space
11:33 am
just for muslims, imam told cnn something different. there has even been conflict within the muslim community. islamic leaders who'd complained they never had been consulted last week asked him questions a to whether park 51 would only be for elite, wealthy muslims. >> none of our organizations is capable or putting money into this. >> reporter: money is now the critical issue. >> we have not raised any money yet. >> reporter: wheel seeking money from banks and private individuals he's determined to carry the project through. >> we have the building and we're doing it there, god willing. >> if he fails to raise funds he may have to turn to islamic sources overseas and that is yet another controversial issue surrounding this project. soho properties released a statement to cnn says there are are now plans for an interfaith space at community center.
11:34 am
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reynolds wolf checking the weather all across the globe, but more specifically the country. >> oh, yeah. what we're looking at right now is kind of a big contrast in terms of temperature. take a look at this. we can actually draw a line. you have your cooler air trapped
11:38 am
around the great lakes. at the same time we have it rising to parts of the've seaboard. there's a reason we have a dividing line. the reason is pretty simple. the reason we have it is because of a frontal boundary. you can see along the front you've got two distinctly different air masses, and with those air masses, we have got some very, very muggy air in parts of the southeast and a bit of cooler air in parts of the great lakes. that's where you have that divides line, the frontal boundary. along the front is where you may have strong showers, possibly thunder storms. these might reach severe levels. back to the east of say huntsville, near alabama, you're going to have the scattered showers. also over portions of mississippi and little rock. you may have flooding in spots, in low-lying areas. other than that it's going to be pretty uneventful. the big change is going to come when the cooler air comes in.
11:39 am
that's going to bring welcome relief to parts of the earn seaboard and parts of the deep south. you're going to have to wait for it. if you're heading out to a game, say, georgia tech, yeah, if you are, you're going to be kind of muggy out there to say the least. 74 in st. louis, 100 in las vegas, 91 in los angeles. if you're taking a drive along 101, temperatures are going to be cooler, but not much, 86 there. 76 in seattle and 86 in miami. now to the tropics we go. we always have tons to talk about, this morning no exception. hurricane lisa continues to churn in the atlantic. it's going to move to an area with very cool water. strong winds could shear it apart. thankfully no direct threat to land. however this storm, tropical storm matthew, could have some strong i affects in parts of central america, especially mexico, belize, glad ma awd mal.
11:40 am
drew, you're up to speed. watch out for the muggy conditions in atlanta pz. there could be a final taste of summer before fall finally kicks in. our top stories now. a party in los angeles has turned violent. police say at least a dozen people were shot at a house in the city of los angeles this morning. one person, we're hearing, is dead. more to follow later in this news today. more legal trouble for prominent atlanta area pastor eddie long. he now faces a fourth lawsuit, four young men claiming long coerced them into sexual relationships. bishop long planning to speaking the allegations tomorrow during church services. a federalle judge ordering the reinstatement of an air force nurse after she was discharged from the military for being openly guy. major margaret witt was discharged back this 2007. the judge says her discharge
11:41 am
violates the constitutions. >> republicans are out with their pledge to america. they promise to cut taxes, downsize government, repeal president obama's health care reform plan if they regain control of the house. some specifics. weekly votes on spending cuts, slicing the congressional budget, putting a hiring freeze on nonsecurity federal workers, and voting on every regulation that costs more than $100 million to implement. democrats say the republican agenda is nothing new. well, midterm elections six weeks away, and on the campaign trail, some members of congress are keeping their own parties at arm's length. our political producer joins us from washington. peter, you've seen that first hand. >> that's right. i just got back from a week in wisconsin where there's a tough senate race for democrats. feingold, three-term senator, is losing by six points among republican voters according to a
11:42 am
cnn poll we've had out this week. feingold, obama has been in the state. feingold did not appear with him. he's broken with his party. that does not -- it's a tough road ahead for him because johnson is out there as a fresh face, he's a businessman who's saying, you know, i will create jobs, and he's running against president obama in a climate where president obama's approval rating according to cnn is at 42%. it's an easy sell for republicans right now and a hard one for feingold in wisconsin. >> the poll numbers there, kind of a surprise to me. is it surprise to the democratic party as well? are they somewhat panicking up there? >> you know, for republicans to take back the senate, they need the seat and the poll numbers kind of snuck up on democrats. no one severalle months ago thought russ feingold was in serious trouble, but, again, this is a state republicans need
11:43 am
traditionally not blue state seat because, you know, this state has an independent streak, traditionally aggressive. but in 2004 he won the state by ten points. there are seats like california, washington state, wisconsin, states that many months ago democrats thought they could have held onto that are now trending the republicans' way. >> one that's not trending their way is, of course, delaware, and that is a seat that the republicans kind of were counting on. but the nomination, i should say, of the tea party candidate has swung that back to the democrat corner, correct? >> it's close. i mean -- yeah. chris kountz, the democrat nominee is winning that race. there are still some who worry about that seat because if they want to regain the control of the senate they were counted on the established candidate to win that nomination. however, you are seeing republicans steering money to
11:44 am
that race, helping christine o'donnell put up tv ads. christine o'donnell is avoiding the media in ways that she wasn't used to. it's a stretch for republicans to think they can pick up delaware, but republicans are not giving up on that seat, especially in what's shaping up to be a way of election. let's talk about the next next election, concord, new hampshire, mitt romney is going to be addressing the public. we're hoping he's going to speak at any moment, but is this the presidential campaign now getting under way for 2012? >> yeah. the presidential campaign for us geeks and those in washington has been getting under way for the last year. new hampshire is a huge state for mitt romney if and when he does decide to run for president. he lost iowa last time. he lost new hampshire last time. he lost south carolina. those are crucial nominating states.
11:45 am
again, he's got problems in iowa if he decides to run again along social conservatives. new hampshire, he has property there. so this is a state he needs to win. and today's speech gives him a chance to remind activists and consultants and donors in that state just the kind of candidate that he is. >> i don't want to get too far ahead of the game but is he the same candidate he was in 2008? does he still have the same problems that he had then? >> i think what you're going to see in 2012 with mitt romney, he's been through the gauntlet in 2008. you can say he's been vetted. people know, you know, he had issues on the right. people thought he was a flip-flopper. if this next election is about the economy, mitt romney is going to be a serious candidate.
11:46 am
you're going to have to consider him a front-runner for the nomination. so -- but we're also seeing that he is sort of positioning himself a little bit more as a casual guy than he was the last time he came off as a little stiff. you've seen him so far this midterm cycle show up to fundraisers in a pickup truck, a la scott brown. the economy, if it remains the focus, he's going to definitely hit that hard on the campaign trail. >> all right. peter ham by from washington. of course, for the latest news, you know where to go. c . no coffee, no espresso. mm-hmm. ♪ [ female announcer ] crest 3d white toothpaste. the remarkable toothpaste that removes up to 80% of surface stains in just two weeks... hi. i'm paul. [ female announcer ] for a noticeably whiter smile in just two weeks
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♪ free-credit-score ♪ you won't regret it at all! ♪ check the legal y'all. >>offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage.® news continues at the top of the hour with this beautiful lady next to me, fredricka whitfield. a busy weekend with this eddie long story. >> we're going to expand on that. we know what for, folks who are coming out, standing behind similar allegations.
11:50 am
m what might he be saying and what might he be staying away from. and we're also going to have our regular legal guys here. >> i love those guys, by the way. >> don't you love them. >> they go back and forth. >> they're so smart. lindsay lohan, lindsay lohan. >> a train wreck. >> back in court, back in jail, back out of jail. we'll talk about what's next for her and whether she's looking at serious jail time, 30 days or more after that probation violation. then, of course, you know, a phenomenon a lot of people are partaking in, taking pictures of themselves nude. i know you've got teenagers. >> i preach this -- >> what kind of sessions do you have about this? >> you have to say no you know what happened these kids -- not saying my kids do this, because they don't, as far as i know, right? they take pictures and want to
11:51 am
send a gift to friends, boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever. >> that's where you potentially cross the line. >> you cross the line and expose that to the world of the web. >> right. you could face criminal charges. there's a case of a young girl in carolina, takes nude pictures of herself. school confiscates the cell phone because she was texting, no texting policy. we're going to explain in the legal segment why she ended up with a $30,000 settingsment. >> really? >> really. very, very interesting stuff. everyone wants to be with us. everyone wants to know how to save money. there's interesting things to do at home to save money. when you do dishes, do you rinse or put them in dirty. >> dirty. >> then you are saving money. >> check one. >> i get in trouble for that at home. >> you're saving money. you want the food floating around in there? we're going to have seven tips
11:52 am
on how to save money. the whole dish washing technique is one of them. 7:00 eastern time, somebody knows somebody taking avandia for diabetes. now that there's restrictions in the u.s. completely banned in europe, what do you do? what are your alternatives? what conversations do you have with your doctor about making sure you have the same kind of treatment perhaps in another form. 4:00 eastern we're going to the movies, which is something we love to do. >> any good movies. >> lots of movies, including "do you want to put your money on wall street. >> really? agreed is good? >> maybe i should take a look at the second one. >> take a look. that's my recommendation even though i haven't seen it. we're going to have a movie critic with us. he's giving thumbs-up on that. a lot straight ahead. >> all right. plus the constant badger of breaking news all afternoon. >> anything can happen.
11:53 am
we like it like that. >> fredericka whitfield, thanks. >> good to see you. politicians not the only ones involved in mideast peace. actors threatening to boycott a cultural center in the west bank settlement. that's interesting. that's next. i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homebuilder. my father brought me up to give back to society... felicia jackson promised her late sister that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around,
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11:56 am
expect another war if mideast peace talks fail. that dire warning was from the king during an interview on "the daily show" with jon stewart. he says if the issue of settlement building is not resolved, the latest push for peace is likely to collapse. >> the discussions that we had in washington started out better than any of us could have expected.
11:57 am
both sides have made a lot of ground. if the issue of settlements is still on the table on the 30th, then everybody walks away. if they do, how are we going to be able to get people back to the table? i don't see that happening in the near future. if we fail on the 30th, expect another war by the end of the year. >> the issue of israeli settlements in the west bank not just jeopardizing israeli-palestinian peace talks, a group banned together pledging not to perform in theaters on the west bank settlement a few months before a new cultural center is unveiled. reports on the drama boycott. >> reporter: the building is not finished yet, but it's already sparking international controversy. the new cultural center in the west bank is being boycotted by dozens of israeli actors and workers. >> i don't want to be in occupied territories. i don't want to work there. i don't want to be there. i don't agree with it.
11:58 am
it's been 40 something years. enough is enough. this is my very tiny little gesture to make my opinion clear and open. >> reporter: 150 american actors, writers and directors have added their names to the petition including cynthia nixon from s"sex and the city" and playwrig playwright. >> settlements are considered illegal under international law but in israel there's a consensus that it will be part of the peace deal if it's reached with the palestinians. >> we have a wonderful opportunity for more artists and performers to stand with us. to make the statement the people of arie l are people, too. >> reporter: this cultural center is two months away from
11:59 am
being finished. opening night will be november 8th. those in charge of the theater are very keen to emphasize there are still plenty of people who want to be involved. they tell me that 200 groups or individuals have asked to perform here. political reaction has been strong. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu threatening to withdraw funding for any israeli theaters that give work to artists involved in the boycott. right wing politicians and activists heckled a play by a director who was part of the boycott. those supporting the boycott say it is a legitimate weapon. >> let's remember israeli's boycotting hamas, a siege on gaza, what is it if not boycott. israel is calling the word to put sanctions on iran. what is it if not boycott. >> reporter: they insist the show must and will go on. cnn,

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